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    Single Posing Session

    $60/ session

    Ideal for:

    • Bikini & Fitness Model competitors only.


    ✔ One 60-minute 1-on-1 OR online contest posing session. 


    ✔ Learn confidence and stage etiquette for a knockout presentation on stage!


    ✔ Learn to show off your best features and hard work with elegance, and grace.


    ✔ Custom posing routine made just for you to highlight your features.

    ✔ Custom fitness model choreography and posing made to suit your sportswear theme round.

    ✔ Learn to develop the mind-muscle connection to activate and present your muscles for the best possible presentation on stage!

    ➤ New & experienced competitors welcome!

    ➤ 1-on-1 sessions located in the Bradford area, online sessions hosted on Zoom/WhatsApp.



"Karina coached my mom and I on our posing for our upcoming UFE show - she made sure we were both comfortable and helped us feel confident while practicing. Also, it was so nice to be able to talk to someone who has so much knowledge for both posing but also for health / fitness. I would highly recommend Karina for posing and personal training. She is the best!"


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