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  • NUTRITION coaching

    Custom Nutrition Program

    Ideal for those who:

    • Want to lose weight

    • Drop body fat

    • Build lean muscle

    • Gain weight

    • Develop a better relationship with food

    • Get better quality sleep

    • Have more energy

    • Want better overall health

    • Reduce stress

    • Take their fitness goals to the next level


    ✔ Achieve next level goals with Custom Nutrition Coaching tailored to YOUR GOALS SPECIFICALLY.

    ✔ 45 minute phone assessment to create your plan.

    ✔ Weekly check-ins via phone calls, Zoom, or in person to assess your progress.

    ✔  Weekly adjustments based off of your progress.

    ✔ Custom, fully detailed, 17-page PDF of your plan tailored to your specific goals.

    ✔ Custom macros and portions tailored to your goals.

    ✔ Meal ideas and unlimited adjustments.






    ➤ Book your FREE 15 minute call with Karina for more information on how to get started!



"I am so happy that I found Karina! She is a trainer who truly cares about the well-being of her clients. She gave me a thorough consultation where we talked about what my goals were and what was stopping me from achieving them. She then gave me a DETAILED plan completely custom to what my needs were. I Also signed up for the custom online training program, and both the nutrition coaching and training helped me to achieve my fat loss goals!  I would highly recommend Karina to anyone wanting to make lifestyle changes, learn more about how their bodies work, and get into amazing shape at home!"


"I have spent many years yo-yo dieting - I have tried every diet, every meal plan - you name it. None of those worked for me because it wasn't sustainable for my lifestyle. Karina helped me to develop a better mindset towards eating and the way I view myself. I am able to still enjoy the foods I love without going overboard. She has given me the gift of control and I am beyond happy for that. No more crash-diets for me! I now have the knowledge and tools to sustain a healthy & fit lifestyle! Thank you Karina!"



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