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  • personal Training

    1-On-1 Private Personal Training

    Ideal for those who:

    • Are new to fitness and need motivation.

    • Are experienced fitness enthusiasts who like to be challenged.

    • Athletes training for sporting events.

    • Want to strengthen their bodies.

    • Want to increase their endurance.

    • Want to prevent injury.

    • Want to tone, reshape, or completely transform themselves!


    ✔ 60-minute 1-on-1 personal training session tailored to your abilities and goals. 


    ✔ Sessions are held in a clean, private gym in the Bradford area.


    ✔ Complimentary 30 minute (in-person, or phone call) consultation where we will discuss your goals, abilities, and any existing (or pre-existing) injuries.

    ✔ Weigh-in, measurements, progress photos & strength test (done at in-person consultation, or on first visit).

    ✔ Packages and single sessions available/

    ✔ Unlimited motivation, support, & guidance to ensure your success!

    ➤ All fitness levels are welcome!

    ➤ Meal plan add-on option available.

    ➤ Workouts are based on your abilities and goals.

    ➤ Located in Bradford.

  • online training

    Monthly Online Training

    Ideal for those who:

    • Have a busy schedule.

    • Like to workout on their own at home or in the gym.

    • Want to strengthen their bodies.

    • Want to increase their endurance.

    • Want to prevent injury.

    • Want to tone, reshape, or completely transform themselves!

    ✔ Easy to use app for training programs with scheduled workouts.

    ​✔ 2-5 workouts scheduled for you weekly, tailored to your fitness levels, abilities, and goals.

    ✔ Complimentary 30 minute consultation call where we will discuss your goals and create your plan.

    ​✔ Weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track.

    ✔ Weekly progress photos analysis, weighs-ins, and measurements to track your progress.

    ✔ Unlimited adjustments for strength & endurance progression.

    ✔ Unlimited motivation, support, & guidance to ensure your success!




"I have been training with Karina for almost a year now and believe she is one of the most committed and experienced trainers around. I really enjoy the variety and challenge she puts in the sessions. Karina is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and a lot of fun. My fitness has increased noticeably and I have seen amazing improvements in my ability to complete more sit-ups or core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights and generally push myself harder throughout each session. I look forward to every session we commit to. What makes Karina the best is the fact that she ensures that my technique is always correct in order to avoid any injuries; she is extremely reliable and punctual, always set-up and ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine ready and printed out. She also has the knowledge and experience to change and adapt details based on the body conditions and energy level for the day. Moreover, Karina provides delicious, balanced food plans that help me reach my goals quicker. She goes beyond her job, by helping me stay accountable with my eating by taking the time to text me everyday and inquire about my daily eating plan.I thoroughly enjoy working out in the in-door and (soon, I am sure) out-door environment and would recommend Karina to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated trainer. She has the knowledge, energy and the kind nature to make you fight for your goals and gain self confidence both physically and emotionally.Thank you for your hard work Karina, looking forward to our sessions to come!"


"I am an avid road cyclist and train indoor in the winter to prepare for February cycling in Florida.  Last year even though I followed a rigorous cycling training program - I was ill equipped to keep up with the local cyclists.  It took me two weeks to get up to their speeds.  For the 2019 cycling season, I wanted to train differently and thus worked closely with 'Karina Basacchi' on a customized weight training program to strengthen my legs and supplement my cycling training.  Karina closely watched my efforts, provided regular guidance and tracked my progress over the weeks.  She was great to work with, kept me within my limits - ensuring I would not hurt anything. I enjoyed the workouts and once arriving in Florida in late January 2019 - I was able to join the local team - at the pace they were doing immediately!  This was a great improvement over last year.

Thank you Karina for getting ready for the Florida cycling pace!"



"I feel more toned and energized,  the exercises were easy to follow and

 intensity level build up nicely.  Meal plan and recipes were delicious and easy to prepare."


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