Contest Posing

Contest Posing

Ideal for:

  • Bikini & Fitness Model competitors only.


✔ One 60-minute 1-on-1 OR online contest posing session. 


✔ Learn confidence and stage etiquette for a knockout presentation on stage!


✔ Learn to show off your best features and hard work with elegance, and grace.


✔ Custom posing routine made just for you to highlight your features.

✔ Custom fitness model choreography and posing made to suit your sportswear theme round.

✔ Learn to develop the mind-muscle connection to activate and present your muscles for the best possible presentation on stage!


​➤ New & experienced competitors welcome!

➤ 1-on-1 sessions located in the Bradford area, online sessions hosted on Zoom/WhatsApp.

    In person sessions are held in Bradford:


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