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My mission & purpose is to help others become their best selves.

About Karina


I fell in love with fitness as a teenager, and it helped me in more ways than just changing my appearance.

Fitness became a mind, body, & soul experience for me.

I felt strong, empowered, and confident. My mindset shifted in how I viewed myself, and the world.


My passion for fitness grew, and I learned about building healthy lifestyle habits & the benefits of proper nutrition.


I was becoming my best self, and in 2018, I created Basacchi Fitness.


My ultimate goal was (and still is) to help my clients become their best selves and experience the benefits that health and fitness gave me.


A few years later, in October 2021, I became a first-time mom to a healthy, beautiful, baby girl.

I truly believe that the years I spent building healthy habits allowed me to experience a positive pregnancy, and have a quick post-partum recovery.


Now, my healthy habits and lifestyle allow me to play and keep up with my active toddler. I hope to be a strong role model for her.

fitness competitor


I am a former, self-coached 1st place World Champion Bikini Athlete

and former Dual PRO Competitor Status holder with Ultimate Fitness Events. (2018-2019)



I am a certified Elite Personal Trainer with ISSA. 

I also hold certifications in Transformation, Glute Specialization, & Sports Nutrition (Pn1).

My work has been published in the prestigious Status Fitness Magazine.

IMG_6989 copy.jpg
i am committed

and I am passionate about helping you become your best self!

I believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Wherever you are in your journey - beginner, intermediate, or advanced - I am here to help you reach your goals.

Click below if you are ready to take your health and fitness to the next level and achieve sustainable results!

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