all of my life

My Dad would brag about his 3rd place competitive bodybuilding achievement.

That it was one of his most proud moments. He made it clear to my brothers and I, how important it was to exercise.


I was first introduced to weight training by my Dad over 12 years ago as a teenager, when he and my Mom put a home gym in their basement.


Prior to the home gym, I had followed very popular at-home programs, trying to lose weight so I could look good. But it wasn’t until I began weight training that I started seeing major changes happen both inside and out.

I fell in love with fitness, and it helped me in more ways than just physical appearance.

It increased my energy, I was getting more quality sleep, my stress levels decreased, and it helped manage my mental health. It made me feel strong, empowered, and confident. There was a shift in my mindset.


i soon realized

That fitness is mind, body, & soul. It is much deeper than physical appearance.

I felt like a badass! I had never been strong, or empowered, or confident before. These feelings outweighed the original vanity I had for training. I also didn't realize that my previous mindset and habits towards fitness were unhealthy and needed healing.

As I learned proper techniques, and the art of mind-to-muscle connection, I developed a passion for fitness and training.


I wanted others to experience the same feelings and health benefits that training gave me. After a few years (and multiple career changes), I decided it was time to pursue my passion.


In 2018, I completed my certification with CanfitPro and became a Personal Training Specialist. I also dived into the bodybuilding world and earned dual Pro status with UFE as a Bikini Competitor and Fitness Model - as a self coached athlete.


In 2019, I became the UFE Bikini World Champion.

I used my achievements to help and inspire others in their fitness journeys.

I earned my certification with Precision Nutrition as a Level 1 Nutrition Coach,

and had the pleasure of writing an article for Status Fitness Magazine.

i am committed

To being your coach and helping you become your best self.

Wherever you are in your journey - beginner, intermediate, or advanced - I am here to help you reach your goals.

I have been in your shoes and can relate to wanting a healthy lifestyle and mindset, not knowing where to start.

Click below if you are ready to take your health and fitness to the next level and achieve sustainable results!